The new design trends in automobiles- cars, racing cars and trucks displayed in trade shows.

Automotive industry includes all the companies as well as the activities involves in the manufacturing of the motor vehicles which includes components like car bodies and engines but excluding fuel, batteries and tires. The principal products of the automotive industry include racing cars, passenger automobiles and light trucks which includes sports utility vehicles, vans and pickups vehicles. It also includes commercial vehicles like large transport trucks and delivery trucks that are used for transporting things from one destination to another. Automotive industry has enjoyed a period of profitability and relatively strong growth as the annual sales of the cars has reached highest levels as the annual sales of the vehicles have witnessed a sharp increase. The future demands of the cars, racing cars and trucks has also increased sharply as the car manufacturers are betting bog in the future demand of these vehicles.


The new design trends in automobiles are being showcased in the trade shows as there are some changes that are taking place in this sector with these cars and vehicles. One of the most prominent features of the cars includes the upgraded paint as high gloss paint has been extinct now as there are many car designers who are consider white to be the hottest color of the season. The latest trends in the automotive industry is the addition of candy or metallic finishes that adds more vibrancy and depth to the look of the car as it is in rage now. Few years back 15 inch wheels were considered to be the standard element but the recent changes include bigger wheels as designers prefer big wheels for the latest cars. The massive and attractive 22 inch back wheels of the recently launched cars are the latest trend that has been witnessed in this industry.


Some of the newest technology that is being showcased in the trade shows for the purpose of marketing includes panoramic roofs, bedazzling headlights and automated manual transmission. Panoramic roofs, windows expanding to roofline and roof with expanded sunroof panels are some of the recent trends that have been popular in the car designs. The glass technologies have also been evolved quickly as these high impact plastics and glass have especially been designed for handling heavy use, impacts and shocks without failing under stress. Bedazzling headlights also known as headlamps are used to add bling to the car and also to enhance its look and appearance. The headlamps indicate the high end level of technology as advanced cars comes with high quality headlights and a well designed sports car has aggressive headlight design. Trade shows displays some of the best cars and sports cars that come with high output lighting technology including high efficiency LEDs that offers a visual appeal to the car. Automated manual transmission is the electro hydraulic mechanism that is used for automating manual transmission that is derived from Formula 1. With all these newest technology, the automotive industry is heading towards the right direction as there has been an increase in the marketing of the different cars, sports cars and trucks.